Burgolarm have been installing, servicing, and repairing intercoms for the past 50 years. The different types of intercom systems available to our customers include:

  • Audio intercoms
  • GSM Intercoms
  • Wireless Intercoms
  • Video Intercom Systems 
  • IP Intercoms

Customers continue to have a wide range of brands to choose from determined by criteria such as function, reliability, price, stylish, design and finish. 

The range of Intercom Systems available extends from simple audio intercoms such as Comelit, Aiphone, Fermax, and Commix intercoms to more sophisticated high-quality intercoms such as 2N and Commend. 

To Fit any Budget

At the higher end of the spectrum Hikvision and Comelit video door phone or video intercom systems are becoming more prevalent with the increase in IP technology. In between both these spectrums there is a range of intercoms including AES wireless Intercoms, GSM, IP and video intercoms to suit every budget.

Burgolarm will continue to offer our customers a comprehensive range of Intercom Systems to suit all your applications, décor, and budget.